Tattooed Portraits

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Even if the ephemeral tattoo is rarely worn on the face on a daily basis, here is a selection of tattooed portraits.
Make-up artists, models or photographers were inspired by our tattoos and we love the result. Thanks to them for these beautiful images.
Do not hesitate to send us yours!
Brave Celeste Temporary tattoos
Celeste picture temporary tattoos

Photographer: Celeste Courageous

Antonella Bardot Temporary Tattoos

Antonella Bardot Temporary tattoos

MakeUp & Model: Antonella Bardot

Sarah Monteil Temporary tattoos

Sarah Monteil Temporary Tattoos

MakeUp & Model: Sarah Monteil

Camellina Tattoos Blue valley

Camellina eye temporary tattoos Blue valley

MakeUp & Model: Camellina

Juliette Lehr

Juliette Lehr temporary tattoos

Juliette Lehr

MakeUp & Model: Juliette Lehr

Makeup and model: Paumakeup

MakeUp & Model: PaumakeUp

Ilona Cavallini Life in Red temporary tattoos

MakeUp & Model: Ilona Cavallini

Can't wait to post new ones!

Do not hesitate to send us your photos

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