Our favourite: Juliette Lehr

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We discovered Juliette Lehr's work by chance on Instagram and it was immediately a BIG LOVE.
This young make-up artist of only 18 years old dares the craziest looks with a real talent. Meticulous and perfectionist, she does not hesitate to spend more than 6 hours on an image and her work extends from make-up to photo retouching.
It was only natural that we offered him a collaboration combining TATTOOS & MAKE UP.
She started only a year ago... so it promises for the future...
An artist to discover absolutely!
Find his Instagram page here
Feel free to share his work and leave your opinion in the comments.
His collaboration with Tattoo Kapris

Juliette Lehr Temporary tattoos tattoo kapris

Juliette Lehr Temporary tattoos Tattoo Kapris

Her other Make Ups

Juliette Lehr


Juliette Lehr clouds


Juliette Lehr Frida


Juliette Lehr Pearls


Juliette Lehr Pink Panther

Pink Panther

Coste Billy Juliette Lehr

Coste Billy

juliette lehr snake


Juliette Lehr Mermaid


Juliette Lehr Science fiction

science fiction

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