DIY: Fake tattoos...Yes, but not only

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Our temporary tattoos are originally meant to be fake tattoos worn on people like you and me... Yes, perfect. But they also have other uses, here are a few examples… among a large number of possibilities.

tattoo kapris blog ideas

Here on a Venus bust. The tattoos are resistant to time provided you apply a transparent varnish after having applied them.

kapris tattoo ideas

Not bad is not it? The bust was made with the "La vie en rouge" ephemeral tattoo board.

kapris tattoo candles

For candle fans, it's a million possibilities….

kapris tattoo candle

For those who are lazy, find these candles for sale on the " Creations " page.

set of kapris tattoo candles

After Venus, here is Apollo. We customized it NAVY version with the "La mer" board.

apollo tattoo kapris

apollo tattoo kapris

apollo tattoo kapris

And finally, let's go for a little tutorial.

How to achieve this?

hand tattoo kapris

First, go to a flea market (physical or online), you will surely find a soliflore. What is this ? A vase for a single flower, a porcelain hand. If it is not white (it happens), spray it a bit (outdoors please) and let it dry well.

soliflore tattoo kapris

Seen from above, it looks like this (the hand is hollowed out to contain the flower).

tatto kapris soliflore


After having applied the tattoo of your choice (here a flower from the Blue Valley plate), it is absolutely necessary to apply a transparent varnish with a brush. For what? So that it stays in place once and for all! (Like a real one in the end..)

kapris tattoo polish

hand tattoo kapris

TADAM! Here is the result. If you wish, put it under a bell, it will have its little effect. Again, if you're lazy, it's unique piece is available here .

Your turn now!

Let your imagination run wild and send us your most beautiful creations (we will add them to this article).

Find us also on instagram, with tutorial videos. ( It's over here)

Thank you and see you soon

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