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The birth of Kapris

Kapris was born in 2019 in the head of Léone, a young woman passionate about images: Photography, graphics, cinema, drawing... she has tried everything.

Then came the big revelation: Tattooing is her calling.

YES, after her very FIRST tattoo, she wanted another one: Right Now, ASAP! Like a real drug, an obsession..! All she could think of was the second, then the third… 3000 tattoo ideas in her head and not enough skin for them all.

So here's the idea: Create ephemeral, but true/beautiful/magnificent tattoos... The one you wish you could keep forever. But since you are not sure yet, 3 days is already a start.


Kapris' goal is also to help our customers discover new talents. The artists who collaborate with us are varied: tattoo artists, illustrators, graphic designers, painters... They come from all over the world and we are very proud to work with them!

Our values

It is very important for us to preserve our environment. For this reason, our packaging does not use any plastic (apart from the plastic sheet which protects the tattoos). Each print: packaging / illustrations / postcards... is made with FSC-certified paper.


Temporary tattoos are considered cosmetics because they are in direct contact with the skin. And when it comes to cosmetics, the standards are very strict.

In order to minimize the risk of allergies or skin diseases, all our tattoos have undergone numerous laboratory tests.

These assess oral toxicity, the presence of heavy metals, flammability, and the degree of skin and eye irritation.

Our tattoos meet all the criteria of current international cosmetic standards: CPSC, ASTM.

They are also FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certified, which guarantees that the pigments used are free of any toxic products. (The ink used is FDA certified, non-toxic. It is considered "cosmetic grade" ink).