Where to buy long-lasting temporary tattoos?

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Are you looking to sport a trendy and stylish tattoo without making a lifelong commitment? Long-lasting temporary tattoos are an ideal alternative. But where can you find these little ephemeral gems?

Don't panic, this article guides you through the different options to find long-lasting temporary tattoos that perfectly match your desires.

E-commerce platforms

Websites of temporary tattoo brands:

Many temporary tattoo brands have their own website where you can explore their entire collections and order directly online. You thus benefit from a wide range of choices and the possibility of personalizing your tattoos.


Tattoo Kapris: www.tattookapris.com

Pico Tattoo: www.picotattoo.com

Wanapix - Personalized tattoos: www.wanapix.fr


Tattly: www.tattly.com

Temporary tattoos: www.temporarytattoos.com

Physical stores

1. Costume and accessory stores:

Real gold mines for fans of costumes and accessories, these shops often offer a wide selection of temporary tattoos , including long-lasting models. You will find a wide variety of styles and patterns at affordable prices.

2. Parapharmacies and organic stores:

Increasingly, drugstores and organic stores are offering long-lasting temporary tattoos formulated with natural, skin-friendly ingredients. An ideal option for those looking for healthy and hypoallergenic products.

3. Concept stores and specialized boutiques:

For a unique experience and high-end temporary tattoos, go to concept stores and specialized boutiques. You will discover original and refined creations, often created by renowned tattoo artists.

The Kapris brand, for example, offers you collections designed in collaboration with different trades: tattoo artists, illustrators, graphic designers, watercolorists...a gold mine of young talents.

Kapris has its Eshop but also several points of sale in Europe and the United States:

Paris: The Sardine to Read

Lyon: Elise's suitcase

Marseille: Oh Mirettes

Brussels: Lupinette concept store

London; Corner Copia

Amsterdam: Wildernis

Berlin: Goods Haus

Salt Lake city: Mineral & matter

Seattle: Moon room shop...

Whether you are looking for an original temporary tattoo for a festival or a discreet design to enhance your daily life, you will undoubtedly find what you are looking for among the multitude of options available.

Do not hesitate to explore the different platforms and stores, compare products and read reviews to find long-lasting temporary tattoos that perfectly match your desires.

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