The perfect Christmas gift: temporary tattoos for young and old

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Why give temporary tattoos as Christmas gifts?

Christmas is the ideal time to please those close to you. And if you're looking for an original, fun and safe gift, Tattoo Kapris temporary tattoos are an excellent option.

1. A beautiful way to express yourself

Temporary tattoos are a fun and original way to express yourself. They allow you to show your personality, your tastes or your passions, without embarking on a permanent tattoo. Tattoo Kapris offers a wide range of different designs and styles, from classic patterns to more modern and bold designs.

2. An affordable gift

Tattoo Kapris temporary tattoos are an affordable gift, making them accessible to all budgets. They are generally sold individually or in a box set.

3. Two gifts in ONE

In each sheet of KAPRIS temporary tattoos, you will also find a free double-sided illustration. To frame and display!

4. An easy gift to give

Tattoo Kapris temporary tattoos are an easy gift to give. They generally come in sheet form, which allows them to be slipped into an envelope or gift package. They are also easy to apply, just follow the instructions provided.

4. Safe

Tattoo Kapris temporary tattoos are a safe gift because they do not contain permanent ink. They are made from hypoallergenic ingredients, making them safe for all ages and skin types!

5. Everyone pleases

Tattoo Kapris temporary tattoos are a gift that appeals to everyone, from adults to children, no age to want to cover yourself with tattoos!

6. New Year's Eve is not that far away...

What better opportunity to dress up and proudly display a tattoo to match your outfit?

No apologies, we're pulling out all the stops.

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