Tattoo Bar, wedding entertainment for young and old

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The wedding is a unique and unforgettable day, which the bride and groom wish to mark with a white stone. To do this, they use their imagination to find original and trendy activities that will entertain their guests.

Among the most fashionable ideas, we find temporary tattoos . These fun and easy-to-use accessories are perfect for creating a festive and relaxed atmosphere.

How to do it ?

Nothing could be simpler: Plan a small space that will serve as a “tattoo bar”:

A simple table – a sofa area – poufs…. Guests will be able to choose the tattoo of their choice and apply them themselves. Arrange a box containing the tattoos, a bottle containing water and some cotton pads for application...and that's it!

To harmonize the atmosphere, don't hesitate to customize candles with temporary tattoos ...chic and bohemian effect guaranteed.

If you want to simplify things, you can opt for a set of temporary tattoos specially designed for weddings. These boxes usually contain a wide variety of designs, colors and styles. They are perfect for all tastes and occasions and contain everything you need.

Tattoos for everyone

For the guests, the bride and groom, the children, the adults...Everyone will enjoy this entertainment...we guarantee it!

Children can spend hours careful, some have no limits and are covered in it from head to toe.

To immortalize the event, you can also plan a photobooth so that guests can take a photo of themselves with their new tattoo! Guaranteed laughter

Temporary tattoos are perfect for creating a festive and relaxed atmosphere at your wedding.

The Tattoo Bar by KAPRIS

Kapris offers you a box of 100 high quality temporary tattoos .

An elegant and simple kit , which suits all types of decor.

Tattoos are pre-cut and easy to apply. They're waterproof and sweat-proof, so you'll keep them on all day.

How to use our temporary tattoos

To apply the tattoos, simply choose your favorite tattoo. Then, remove the protective film from the tattoo and place it on the skin. Press firmly for a few seconds with a cotton pad soaked in water so that the tattoo adheres well. An explanatory frame matching the box is included in your order.

No bad surprises, choose quality temporary tattoos

Our tattoos are high quality and are made from non-toxic cosmetic ink. They are laboratory tested and therefore hypoallergenic. Sensitive skin, no stress, you risk nothing.

They are water resistant and can last for several days. Want to take them off sooner? Apply a little oil, greasy lotion or warm water to your tattoo to get rid of it.

Find our “Tattoo Bar” right here: KAPRIS Tattoo Bar

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